00:01:11,,Pub Hrg-2017 Operating Budget,,
00:02:53,,Reg Mtg Call to Order,,
00:02:55,,Approval of Minutes,,
00:04:07,,Citizen Comments,,
00:05:51,,Auditing Services,,
00:13:16,,Centre Regional Pollutant Reduction Plan,,
00:24:11,,Kay St Project,,
00:26:47,,Tussey Pond Park Master Plan,,
00:28:13,,Tussey Pond Park Committee,,
00:29:44,,2017 Township Budget,,
00:35:20,,Sums for COG Programs,,
00:40:06,,2017 Property Tax Rates,,
00:43:26,,Designation of Depositories,,
00:44:20,,2017 Manager's Salary,,
00:45:15,,Manager's Report,,
00:53:12,,Approval of Vouchers,,
00:54:55,,Committee Reports,,