00:01:42,,Reorg Mtg Call to Order,,
00:02:13,,Election of Officers,,
00:05:27,,Appt of Secretary/Treasurer,,
00:07:40,,Annual Appointments,,
00:10:28,,Appts to ABCs,,
00:26:12,,Appt to COG & Regional Committees,,
00:34:56,,Appt to Police Pension Adv Bd,,
00:35:56,,2017 Board Meeting Dates,,
00:42:49,,Designation of Depository,,
00:45:05,,Resolution: Agenda Order of Business,,
00:49:35,,Resolution: BOS Procedures Manual,,
01:44:40,,Reg Mtg Call to Order,,
01:45:08,,Approval of Minutes,,
01:49:58,,Agenda Format Change,,
01:51:00,,Parks & Rec Authority Report,,
02:07:23,,ABC Attendance Notification,,
02:09:11,,Staff Reports,,
02:12:02,,Consent Agenda,,
02:14:36,,Admts to Administrative Code,,
02:29:33,,Landings Phase 1B Street Acceptance,,
02:32:25,,Regional Records Mgmt System,,
02:36:47,,Communications to the Board,,
02:37:57,,Calendar Items,,