00:01:13,,Call to Order,,
00:01:56,,Approval of Minutes,,
00:02:33,,Parks & Rec Authority Report,,
00:11:08,,Water Authority Report,,
00:24:49,,UAJA Report,,
00:41:13,,CATA Report,,
00:51:12,,COG Committee Reports,,
01:15:00,,Staff Reports,,
01:31:38,,Bowman Subdivision,,
02:12:53,,Jerrold G. Condo Subdivision,,
02:18:54,,Code of Ordinances Chapter 1,,
02:33:17,,Donation Policy,,
02:57:40,,Resolution re: Economic Development,,
03:06:16,,Consent Agenda,,
03:06:40,,Appt to CRPC,,
03:07:31,,Communications to the Board,,
03:07:39,,Calendar Items,,