00:01:16,,Call to Order,,
00:01:34,,Approval of Minutes,,
00:01:57,,Public Comment,,
00:02:24,,Uses in Planned Airport District,,
00:43:45,,Police Update,,
00:46:00,,Gray's Woods Park Phase I,,
00:55:07,,Bernel Rd Park Phase II,,
01:08:24,,Waddle Rd Widening Consultant,,
01:09:42,,Planning Commission Report,,
01:11:50,,Appt. to CRPC,,
01:12:16,,Ameriserv Bank Plan,,
01:14:49,,Act 89 Vehicle Regis Fee,,
01:21:23,,Regional Park Plan,,
01:37:13,,Appt to ABCs,,
01:38:52,,Voucher Report,,
01:39:09,,Manager's Report,,
01:41:49,,Committee Reports,,