00:01:13,,Call to Order,,
00:02:08,,Approval of Agenda,,
00:13:42,,Citizen's Input,,
00:24:18,,Approval of Minutes,,
00:31:44,,Schlow Library Report,,
00:41:09,,COG Committee Reports,,
00:46:11,,Staff Reports,,
01:03:43,,Administrative Code,,
01:36:17,,Consent Agenda,,
01:36:45,,Proposed COG Resolution,,
02:34:20,,Naming of Blacksmith Lane,,
02:35:57,,Stormwater Mgmt Program Update,,
03:08:54,,Blue Course Dr. Speed Study,,
03:25:00,,Proposal re: Motor Vehicle Registration Fee,,
03:32:22,,CATA Funding Formula,,
03:36:15,,Regional Park Plan Committee,,
03:51:43,,Satellite Fire Station Study,,
03:55:57,,Appts. to Code Bd of Appeals,,
03:57:11,,Definition of a Regional Park,,
04:20:54,,Communications to the Board,,