00:01:12,,Call to Order,,
00:01:38,,Citizen Comments,,
00:03:33,,Approval of Minutes,,
00:03:55,,Bills List & Treasurer's Report,,
00:04:57,,Review of 2016 Workplan,,
00:06:22,,Approval of 2017 Workplan,,
00:14:30,,Task Force re: Website & Branding,,
00:23:20,,Survey Monkey Survey,,
00:26:02,,$5 Vehicle Registration Fee,,
01:04:21,,Cybersecurity Update,,
00:06:18,,KINBER Project,,
01:12:12,,Park Grant Support Letters,,
01:16:32,,Schlow Library Funding Formula,,
01:17:52,,Manager's Report,,
01:31:57,,New Business,,
01:33:14,,Supervisors' Reports,,