00:00:42,,Call to Order,,
00:01:06,,Approval of Minutes,,
00:01:25,,Citizen Comments,,
00:01:40,,Get Outdoors Day Request,,
00:05:53,,Millbrook Marsh Phas 2,,
00:36:01,,Tuesey Mountain's CATA Contribution,,
00:48:49,,Statement from State Collge Police,,
00:51:46,,Equity and Inclusion Resolution,,
01:08:05,,Americorps Position,,
01:10:00,,Parks & Rec Plan Committee,,
01:14:19,,Destruction of Records,,
01:15:08,,Request to Use Fire Police,,
01:15:18,,Request to Close Main St,,
01:15:39,,Memorial Day Street Closings,,
01:16:38,,Manager's Report,,
01:23:30,,Committee Reports,,