00:01:12,,Call to Order,,
00:01:40,,Approval of Agenda,,
00:03:52,,COG Committee Reports,,
00:23:24,,Staff Reports,,
00:51:20,,Blue Course Dr Speed Limit,,
00:52:57,,Consent Agenda,,
00:53:20,,Haymarket Park Parking,,
00:58:15,,MOU with Nittany Mt. Biking,,
01:02:12,,Millbrook Marsh Nature Center Request,,
01:25:22,,Zoning Variance/Appeals,,
02:05:50,,TTD Text Amendment,,
02:36:16,,Resolution on Community Inclusiveness,,
03:13:07,,Parking Restrictions at The Heights,,
03:24:00,,Private Rd Naming Policy,,
03:30:28,,COG Americorp Position,,
03:35:21,,Zoning Hearing Bd Appt.,,
03:37:27,,Comp.Park Plan Steering Committee,,
03:45:00,,Communications to the Board,,