00:01:15,,Call to Order,,
00:01:37,,Approval of Minutes,,
00:01:53,,Public Comments,,
00:16:10,,Occupancy Regs in Toftrees,,
02:09:06,,Toftrees Planned Community Master Plan,,
02:21:15,,Nittany Valley Sports Centre Master Plan,,
02:36:17,,Police Update,,
02:37:29,,Valley Vista Dr Intersection,,
02:42:22,,Planning Commission Report,,
02:46:40,,Nittany Valley Sports Centre Land Dev Plan,,
02:49:39,,Decibel Duplexes-Subdivision Plan,,
02:52:28,,Aeropointe Place-Land Dev Plan,,
02:59:45,,Rezoning of former Mobile Home Park,,
03:07:53,,Windswept Farms Subdivision Replot,,
03:09:08,,Re-Farm Cafe Land Dev Plan,,
03:16:56,,Set Public Hrg re:Nursing Homes in Airport District,,
03:17:29,,Consent Agenda,,
03:17:43,,Manager's Report,,
03:18:47,,Committee Reports,,