00:01:12,,Call to Order,,
00:02:24,,Report from CATA,,
00:17:16,,Report from SCB Water Auth,,
00:31:33,,COG Committee Reports,,
00:35:19,,Staff Reports,,
00:56:27,,Administrative Code,,
01:33:45,,Res: Equity and Inclusiveness,,
02:30:56,,Res: Private Rd Naming Policy,,
02:32:14,,Consent Agenda,,
02:32:26,,PennDOT Connects Policy,,
03:16:31,,Chapter 15: Motor Vehicles,,
03:24:05,,DCNR Program Letter of Support,,
03:28:00,,Appt. to Parks & Rec Steering Comm,,
03:29:36,,Appt. to Zoning Hearing Bd,,
03:39:35,,Communications to the Board,,
03:40:09,,Calendar Items,,