00:01:41,,Call to Order,,
00:02:09,,Approval of Minutes,,
00:02:35,,Public Comments,,
00:03:52,,Funding Request for Slab Cabin Run,,
00:34:25,,Funding Request for Millbrook Marsh,,
00:56:23,,Police Chief's Resignation,,
00:58:20,,Recruitment of Police Chief,,
01:01:27,,Stand 16 Shelterwood Harvest Bids,,
01:09:30,,Set Pub Hrg-Self-Storage Facilities,,
01:10:48,,Set Pub Hrg-Solar Energy Systems,,
01:14:33,,PSATS Proposed Resolutions,,
01:17:04,,Rep to Steering Committee for Parks Plan,,
01:17:38,,Ferguson Township Official Map,,
01:18:17,,April COG Finance Committee,,
01:27:10,,Consent Agenda,,
01:27:38,,Manager's Report,,
01:30:04,,Committee Reports,,