00:01:44,,Call to Order,,
00:02:22,,Approval of Minutes,,
00:02:48,,Bills List,,
00:03:26,,Treasurer's Report,,
00:04:05,,2016 Audit Presentation,,
00:13:30,,Tax Anticipation Note Discussion,,
00:32:34,,Schlow Library Funding Formula,,
00:38:06,,Port Matilda EMS Report,,
00:58:25,,Guenot Subdivision,,
01:06:21,,Guenot Sewer Planning Module,,
01:08:08,,DCED Grant Resolution,,
01:09:58,,Appt. of Alt. Planning Commission Member,,
01:10:16,,Appt. to Park and Rec Steering Committee,,
01:10:45,,Manager's Report,,
01:25:46,,New Business/Other Matters,,
01:29:50,,Supervisors Reports,,