00:01:43,,Start of Special Meeting,,
00:02:03,,Neighborhood Sustainability Program Line of Credit,,
00:13:52,,Start of Regular Meeting,,
00:14:20,,Conditional Use Hrg-Corl St. Elem Parking,,
00:33:17,,Conditional Use Hrg-Radio Pk Elem Parking,,
00:50:18,,Letter Carriers' Food Drive,,
00:56:21,,Bicycle Awareness Month,,
00:58:30,,Centre Gives,,
01:00:50,,Womens' Lung Health Week,,
01:02:39,,Americorp Recognitions,,
01:10:01,,Millbrook Marsh Nature Center,,
01:21:35,,Public Hour,,
01:25:16,,Consent Items,,
01:28:30,,UPUA Rep to Council,,
01:38:00,,LGBTQ Advisory Committee,,
01:56:24,,License Agmt - 106 S. Allen St.,,
02:13:54,,Amendment to CID Zoning,,
02:40:12,,HARB & Historic Districts,,
03:14:38,,Wireless Cell Monopoles,,
03:16:27,,Reports and Correspondence,,