00:01:55,,Call to Order,,
00:02:38,,Appt. of Township Manager,,
00:05:00,,Citizens' Input,,
00:23:21,,COG Committee Reports,,
00:27:40,,Other Regional Reports,,
00:28:23,,Staff Reports,,
00:34:05,,Pub Hrg-Chapter 15-Motor Vehicles,,
00:35:42,,Property Maintenance Code,,
01:16:35,,Consent Agenda,,
01:16:59,,Pub Hrg-Disposition of Records,,
01:17:57,,Pub Hrg-Towing Services,,
00:19:56,,Pet Daycares in IRD,,
01:41:52,,On-Street Pkg in Pine Grove Mills,,
01:53:30,,Public Works Facility Design Agmt,,
01:58:36,,Signs and Billboards,,
02:14:00,,2018 COG Target Budget Guideline,,
02:25:20,,Communications to the Board,,