00:01:40,,Call to Order,,
00:01:44,,Moment of Silence/Pledge of Allegiance,,
00:02:13,,Roll Call,,
00:02:24,,2016 Audit Report,,
00:12:28,,YTD Financial Report,,
00:17:32,,CIP Rescheduling Discussion,,
00:21:35,,C-NET Annual Report,,
00:30:05,,Kids to Parks Day,,
00:32:37,,National Police Week,,
00:36:40,,Public Hour,,
00:43:37,,Consent Agenda,,
00:46:09,,Noise Ordinance Waiver,,
00:55:40,,Review HARB/Local Hist. Dist.,,
01:45:09,,SCASD Conditional Use for Radio Park,,
01:46:16,,SCASD Conditional Use for Corl St.,,
01:47:12,,2017-2018 CATA Budget,,
01:48:30,,Official Reports and Correspondence,,
02:00:33,,CIP postponement,,