00:01:13,,Call to Order,,
00:02:54,,Citizens Input,,
00:30:35,,COG/Regional Reports,,
00:42:17,,Staff Reports,,
00:50:26,,Safety & Property Maint. Code,,
00:53:12,,Signs and Billboards,,
01:04:47,,Kansa Ave Drainage,,
01:53:18,,Pet Daycare in the IRD Zone,,
02:05:15,,Rezoning Request-Harner Farms,,
02:16:49,,Consent Agenda,,
02:17:04,,Teaberry Ln Sidewalk Installation,,
02:35:50,,Township Official Map,,
03:21:24,,HFL Corp Zoning Appeal,,
03:24:30,,Towing and Vehicle Storage Facility,,
03:26:03,,Agmt with Pets Come First,,
03:37:05,,Communications to the Board,,