00:01:53,,Call to Order,,
00:02:21,,Approval of Minutes,,
00:02:43,,Citizen Comments,,
00:06:18,,Gratitude for Storm Assistance,,
00:09:43,,Subdivision Plan for Tax Parcel #25-04-24L,,
00:13:24,,University Wine Co Land Dev Plan,,
00:21:21,,University Wine Co Planning Module,,
00:23:48,,The Gates Land Dev Plan,,
00:25:31,,Deeds of Dedication-Misty Hill Dr,,
00:30:10,,Connections to Belle Ave & Memorial Dr,,
00:37:59,,Right of Way Issues in Village,,
00:45:07,,CATA Budget,,
01:05:34,,Property Maintenance Code,,
02:05:58,,Letter to PENNDot re: Rt 322/45/144,,
02:10:37,,Parking on Boalsburg Pike,,
02:12:18,,Manager's Report,,
02:21:21,,COG Committee Reports,,