00:01:13,,Call to Order,,
00:09:02,,Public Comment,,
00:19:30,,Routine Approvals,,
00:20:01,,Secondary Textbooks,,
00:20:37,,2017-2018 Final Budget,,
00:22:45,,Homestead/Farmstead Resolution,,
00:23:11,,Real Estate Tax Installment Payment,,
00:23:40,,Supplemental Property Tax Rebate Program,,
00:25:00,,Head Lice Policy,,
00:25:30,,Bid for Phasing Work,,
00:33:37,,Bid Award for Carpet Replacement,,
00:34:31,,Bid Award for Tennis Courts Resurfacing,,
00:35:04,,Act 93 Administrative Agmt,,
00:35:35,,Admin Compensation Plan for Managers,,
00:36:06,,Handbook for Supervisors,,
00:36:36,,Handbook for IT Staff,,
00:37:19,,Handbook for Exec Secretaries/Admin Support Staff,,
00:37:54,,Contract for Asst. Superintendent,,
00:38:55,,Purchase of Passenger Busses,,
00:40:32,,Bid Award for Smartboards,,
00:45:20,,Security Awareness Training Software,,
00:46:00,,High School Project Change Orders,,
00:47:00,,C-NET Annual Report,,
00:57:36,,Elementary Projects Design Update,,
01:13:19,,Health/Phys.Ed Curriculum,,
01:40:06,,Board Committee Reports,,
01:40:54,,Future Agenda Planning,,