00:01:23,,Call to Order,,
00:01:53,,Appt of Chief of Police,,
00:06:40,,C-NET Annual Presentation,,
00:17:47,,COG Committee Reports,,
00:25:35,,Staff Reports,,
00:39:06,,Standing Rule of Order,,
00:45:02,,Resolution on Climate Change,,
01:17:00,,Consent Agenda,,
01:17:33,,N. Atherton St Night Work Request,,
01:44:34,,Ordinance Admt re: Stormwater,,
01:50:38,,Stormwater Fee Feasibility Study,,
02:16:38,,Conditional Use App-1316 W. College Ave,,
02:18:49,,Appt. to CRPR Authority Board,,
02:22:26,,Email Policy,,
02:24:56,,PennPRIME Loss Control Standard,,
02:26:03,,Communications to the Board,,