00:00:42,,Call to Order,,
00:06:26,,Routine Approvals,,
00:07:07,,High School Project Change Orders,,
00:07:38,,60% Plans for Elementary Projects,,
01:22:53,,PlanCon Part I-Change Order GC-60,,
01:23:40,,Stormwater Pipeline Easement,,
01:25:49,,Platform Proposals to PSBA,,
01:31:36,,Bond Sale Update,,
01:44:27,,High School Project Update,,
01:55:23,,Health and Phys.Ed. Curriculum,,
02:16:36,,Math Curriculum Update,,
02:23:34,,K-12 ELA Curriculum,,
02:32:23,,Assessment Plan Update,,
02:51:18,,Board Committee Reports,,
02:57:43,,Future Agenda Planning,,