00:01:45,,Call to Order,,
00:02:29,,2018-2022 Capital Imp Plan,,
00:20:12,,Parks & Rec Month Proclamation,,
00:23:33,,New Leaf Initiative Update,,
00:27:00,,Public Hour,,
00:28:34,,Consent Items,,
00:33:09,,Noise Ordinance Waiver,,
00:43:50,,Special Event Permit Ordinance,,
01:06:56,,Conditional Use App-Residences at College & Atherton,,
01:56:08,,Monopole Provisions,,
01:58:33,,Mayor's Report,,
01:58:48,,President's Report,,
01:59:03,,Staff Reports,,
02:02:21,,Work Session Call to Order,,
02:02:23,,Neighborhood Assoc. Correspondence,,
02:20:34,,2018-2022 CIP Wrap Up,,