00:01:41,,Call to Order,,
00:01:46,,Pledge of Allegiance,,
00:02:07,,Public Comment,,
00:06:18,,Approval of Minutes,,
00:06:38,,Bike MS Presentation,,
00:14:22,,Multimodal Transp. Fund Grant,,
00:19:32,,Issuance of General Obligation Debt,,
00:42:05,,Appointment to MH/ID/EI Advisory Bd,,
00:42:35,,Check Run,,
00:43:15,,Emerg Watershed Protection Pjcts Contract,,
00:47:29,,Letter of Support for Clearwater grant app,,
00:48:40,,PHFA report for 2016 PHARE grant fund,,
00:50:34,,Central Booking Contract Ð video unit,,
00:55:29,,District Attorney contracts,,
00:59:08,,Elections Office contract renewals,,
01:00:41,,Emergency Svcs generator contract,,
01:02:30,,MH/ID/EI contract renewals,,
01:05:38,,MIS/RBA contract renewals,,
01:07:38,,Probation Agreements,,
01:11:16,,Sheriff contract,,
01:16:39,,GPS Diagnostic devices purchase,,
01:22:16,,Consent Agenda,,
01:22:34,,Voter Registration Report,,