00:01:08,,Call to Order,,
00:01:33,,Approval of Minutes,,
00:01:49,,Public Comments,,
00:10:55,,Toftrees Revised Master Plan,,
00:36:49,,Solar Energy Systems Ordinance,,
00:50:28,,Police Update,,
00:52:13,,Waddle Road Widening,,
01:08:21,,Scotia Rd/Circleville Rd Intersection,,
01:14:09,,Consultant Selection,,
01:15:36,,Green Light-Go Grant Award,,
01:16:33,,Planning Commission Report,,
01:25:46,,Saddle Rock Lots 31R and 32RRR,,
01:35:58,,Rezoning of 1752 N. Atherton St,,
02:24:00,,The Station Land Development Plan,,
02:51:27,,Financial Trend Monitoring,,
02:52:00,,COG Program Plan/CIP,,
02:54:29,,Beneficial Reuse Special Study,,
02:58:17,,Land Donation,,
03:03:32,,Voucher Report,,
03:03:42,,Manager's Report,,
03:05:58,,Committee Reports,,