00:01:15,,Call to Order,,
00:03:05,,Citizens' Input,,
00:16:10,,CATA Report,,
00:26:46,,Act 537 Plan Special Study,,
00:52:30,,Chapter 27, Zoning Amendment,,
01:10:09,,Harner Farm Rezoning Request,,
01:28:28,,Rescheduling of TTD Admt Public Hrg,,
01:30:31,,Consent Agenda,,
01:30:54,,Reimbursement Agreement,,
01:32:42,,Variance App-3745 W. College Ave,,
01:35:31,,Variance App-3645 W. College Ave,,
01:44:30,,COG Program Plan & Capital Improvement Plan,,
03:12:10,,Ferguson Township Capital Improvement Plan,,
03:24:31,,C-NET coverage of Planning Commission,,
03:35:56,,Stormwater Fee Ad Hoc Advisory Board,,
03:40:15,,Committee Reports,,
03:50:40,,Staff Reports,,
04:09:09,,Communications to the Board,,