00:01:45,,Call to Order,,
00:04:24,,Routine Approvals,,
00:06:23,,Coordinated School Health Policy,,
00:07:00,,Learning Mgmt System Adoption of Instructure's Canvas,,
00:08:32,,High School Project Change Orders,,
00:09:03,,Design for High School Sign,,
00:11:00,,Contract for Commission Agent,,
00:11:40,,Van Purchase,,
00:13:20,,Capital Financing Update,,
00:32:07,,Corl St Elem 90% Design Documents,,
01:14:21,,Houserville Elem 90% Design Documents,,
01:16:53,,Radio Park Elem 90% Design Documents,,
01:18:00,,Memorial Field Bleachers,,
01:21:43,,Memorial Field Design & Construction Documents,,
02:10:04,,Transportatiion Facility Reconfiguration,,
02:10:49,,Procurement of Modular Trailers,,
02:13:04,,Modular Classroom Site Work,,
02:17:32,,Agmt with Penn Highlands,,
02:21:47,,Data Warehouse Development,,
02:28:15,,High School Project Update,,
02:39:56,,Board Committee Reports,,
02:52:37,,Future Agenda Planning,,