00:01:46,,Call to Order,,
00:04:11,,UAJA Presentation,,
00:27:26,,National Planning Month Proclamation,,
00:30:56,,Traditional Town Development Admt,,
00:42:15,,Water Production Facilities,,
00:46:00,,Zoning Map Admt - Harner Farm,,
01:57:17,,Official Map,,
02:36:00,,Sourcewater Protection Ordinance,,
03:21:44,,IRD Zoning Admt - Pet Care Services,,
03:49:15,,C-NET Coverage of Planning Commission,,
04:00:02,,Consent Agenda,,
04:00:40,,Deed of Dedication,,
04:02:08,,Traffic Calming Study Petition,,
04:05:47,,Contribution to CBICC,,
04:24:12,,Professional Services Agmt Admt,,
04:28:56,,Pension Funds' MMO,,
04:32:08,,Communications to the Board,,