00:00:46,,Call to Order,,
00:02:56,,Student Day Update,,
01:15:28,,Routine Approvals,,
01:16:20,,Contract for Psychologists Services,,
01:28:55,,Bid Awards for Transportation Center,,
01:37:30,,Modular Classroom Installation,,
01:40:38,,Elementary School Construction Documents,,
01:44:15,,Bid Award for Transit Van,,
01:44:52,,Work on Community Field Infield,,
01:46:15,,High School Project Change Orders,,
01:50:01,,FFE Purchase and Locksmith Services,,
01:51:31,,PSBA Officers,,
01:53:09,,Strategic Plan Update,,
02:18:33,,High School Project Update,,
02:34:23,,Massaro Services for Memorial Field,,
02:38:42,,Name Selection for New School,,
02:41:39,,2016 - 2017 Audit Results,,
03:06:32,,Budget Development Calendar,,
03:15:05,,Policies Related to Gifts and Fundraising,,
03:32:46,,Board Committee Reports,,
03:48:36,,Future Agenda Planning,,