00:00:46,,Call to Order,,
00:05:43,,Routine Approvals,,
00:06:17,,Easterly Parkway HVAC,,
00:11:23,,Memorial Field Construction Services,,
00:11:52,,Bid Award for Security Cameras,,
00:12:40,,Bid Award for Phones,,
00:13:28,,Bid Award for Projectors,,
00:14:44,,Bid Award for LCD Televisions,,
00:21:18,,Bid Award for AV Brackets,,
00:21:52,,Bid Award for Power Supply Units,,
00:22:28,,Furniture/Fixtures & Equipment,,
00:23:51,,High School Project Change Orders,,
00:24:21,,Admin Support Group Insurance Rates,,
00:24:54,,Research Proposal,,
00:27:30,,Research Proposal,,
00:33:21,,High School Project Update,,
00:46:49,,Elementary Projects,,
01:14:39,,Memorial Field Project Calendar,,
01:16:37,,District Strategic Plan,,
01:54:50,,Contract related to Strategic Planning,,
02:08:32,,HS Early Dismissal - Dec 22,,
02:13:00,,Management Discussion/Analysis,,
02:21:17,,Budget Development/Capital Financing Update,,
02:48:07,,Board Committee Reports,,
02:53:50,,Future Agenda Planning,,