00:00:44,,Call to Order,,
00:04:00,,Routine Approvals,,
00:04:40,,Management Discussion and Analysis,,
00:06:02,,Local Tax Service Agmt,,
00:06:49,,Change Order re: Phones,,
00:07:38,,Bid Award re: Firewall Hardware,,
00:08:18,,Bid Award re: HVAC for High School,,
00:10:03,,Bid Award re: Asbestos Removal,,
00:10:34,,Receipt of PlanCon Part I,,
00:11:21,,Gifts and Fundraising Policies,,
00:17:28,,Contract re: Strategic Plan,,
00:18:08,,Furniture/Fixtures/Equipment Purchases,,
00:19:56,,Change Orders-Elem School Phasing Projects,,
00:21:26,,High School Project Change Orders,,
00:22:09,,Expulsion Waiver Agmts,,
00:23:42,,Agmt with Village at Penn State,,
00:31:33,,Secondary Course Proposals,,
01:05:44,,Board Committee Reports,,
01:12:08,,Future Agenda Planning,,