00:00:42,,Call to Order,,
00:13:44,,Routine Approvals,,
00:14:12,,Secondary Course Proposals,,
00:17:43,,Audited Financial Statement,,
00:24:14,,2018-2023 Educational Strategic Plan,,
00:41:20,,Agmts with Columbia Gas,,
00:44:20,,Special Inspections & Testing Services,,
00:45:24,,PlanCon Parts D, E & F for Corl St Elem,,
00:45:57,,PlanCon Parts D, E & F for Spring Creek Elem,,
00:46:28,,PlanCon Parts D, E & F for Radio Park Elem,,
00:47:00,,Residential Research Development Contract,,
00:49:26,,Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Purchases,,
00:49:57,,High School Project Change Orders,,
00:50:37,,High School Project Update,,
01:21:28,,Memorial Field Development,,
02:02:46,,Physical Plant Staffing,,
02:14:33,,2018-2019 School Calendar,,
02:42:43,,Homework Policy,,
02:58:25,,Physical Activity/Recess Policy,,
03:08:45,,2018-2019 Budget Development,,
03:12:41,,Board Committee Reports,,
03:13:33,,Other Reports,,
03:23:07,,Future Agenda Planning