00:00:40,,Reorg Mtg Call to Order,,
00:01:40,,Swearing-In of New Members,,
00:04:23,,Board Reorganization,,
00:07:22,,Annual Appointments,,
00:08:02,,2018 Board Meeting Dates,,
00:09:28,,Reg Mtg Call to Order,,
00:10:28,,Routine Approvals,,
00:10:57,,Physical Plant Staffing,,
00:11:43,,Memorial Field Land Development,,
00:12:41,,Emergency Radio Equipment Purchase,,
00:13:13,,Security Hardware Change Order,,
00:14:11,,LEED Grant - Corl St Elem,,
00:16:47,,Solar Grant Resolutions,,
00:29:47,,Research Proposal,,
00:41:37,,Student Day Proposal Update,,
02:07:48,,Fifth Student Special,,
03:02:52,,Transportation Study Results,,
03:36:32,,Committee Reports,,
03:36:54,,Future Agenda Planning,,