00:01:57,,Call to Order,,
00:02:38,,Proclamations for Community Assets,,
00:06:04,,Straw Poll re: Casinos,,
00:07:35,,Public Comment,,
00:08:21,,Self Storage Facilities,,
00:22:55,,Category 4 Casinos,,
00:42:25,,Police Update,,
00:45:06,,Police Officer Selection List,,
00:47:26,,Fall Road Inspection Report,,
00:54:00,,Planning Commission Report,,
00:57:43,,Home Occupations,,
01:43:00,,Oakwood Presbyterian Church Addition,,
01:47:00,,Replot of Tax Parcels-Nittany Valley Sports Centre,,
01:49:24,,Gray's Woods Open Space Lot Subdivision,,
01:52:00,,Grays Woods Open Space Purchase/Easement,,
02:05:46,,Signage for Development Proposals,,
02:26:31,,Patton Crossing Committee Update,,
02:37:23,,Capital Imp Plan, Township Budget and COG Budget,,
02:39:00,,Resolution re: Redistricting Reform,,
02:57:11,,Consent Agenda,,
02:57:35,,Manager's Report,,
02:57:55,,Committee Reports,,