00:01:45,,Pub Hrg Call to Order,,
00:02:46,,Reg Mtg Call to Order,,
00:02:56,,Open Discussion,,
00:04:41,,ABC Candidate Interview,,
00:11:28,,Rutger-Struble Rd Subdivision,,
00:12:48,,Manager's Update,,
00:16:43,,Committee Reports,,
00:17:55,,Planning Commission Report,,
00:20:13,,Consent Agenda,,
00:25:13,,2018 Township Budget,,
00:38:51,,Tax Millage Approval,,
00:37:24,,2018 COG Budget,,
00:37:48,,Costs for Collection of Unpaid Tax,,
00:39:42,,Traffic Calming on Clover Road,,
01:17:26,,Staff Informatives,,
01:18:31,,Other Matters,,