00:01:17,,Reorg Mtg Call to Order,,
00:02:09,,Swearing In Ceremony,,
00:10:16,,Election of Officers,,
00:12:43,,Annual Appts,,
00:25:34,,ABC Appts,,
00:35:27,,Revision to ZHB Terms,,
00:37:17,,COG and Regional Committee Appts,,
00:44:58,,2018 Meeting Dates,,
00:46:27,,Designatiion of Depository,,
00:47:05,,Order of Agenda,,
00:48:45,,Procedures Manual,,
00:52:27,,Reg Mtg Call to Order,,
00:52:50,,Citizens Input,,
01:15:35,,Sourcewater Protection Ordinance,,
01:52:04,,Consent Agenda,,
01:52:27,,Chapter 1, Section 447,,
01:53:55,,Appts to Parks & Rec Committee,,
01:56:39,,Local Services Tax Agmt,,
01:59:55,,Committee Reports,,
02:01:00,,Staff Reports,,
02:07:47,,Communications to the Board,,
02:08:03,,Calendar Items,,