00:01:24,,Public Hearing,,
00:13:06,,Reg Mtg Call to Order,,
00:13:33,,Public Comment,,
00:19:49,,Ordinance 1 of 2018,,
00:38:28,,Janitorial Services Contract,,
00:40:24,,Security Camera System Bid Award,,
00:43:27,,ABC Matters,,
00:44:51,,Check Run,,
00:45:31,,Adult Services,,
00:47:23,,Central Booking,,
00:51:38,,MH/ID &EI - Contract Addendum,,
00:53:32,,Aging - Grant Application,,
00:55:48,,Risk Mgmt - Renewal Application,,
00:57:16,,Consent Agenda,,
00:57:46,,Voter Registration Report,,
01:01:31,,Questions from the Press,,