00:00:43,,Call to Order,,
00:01:18,,Citizens Input,,
00:03:21,,Centre Region Parks & Rec Report,,
00:10:12,,Closing of Public Hearing,,
00:10:55,,Amendments to Administrative Code,,
00:20:27,,Ag Community/SALDO Rewrite,,
00:37:52,,Resolution: Use of Radar,,
00:40:46,,Plan Deadline for The Cottages,,
01:24:13,,Variance/Appeals - Accuweather,,
01:26:38,,Variance/Appeals - 1500 W. College Ave,,
01:28:34,,Variance/Appeals - 2542 Circleville Rd,,
01:33:28,,Wheland/Cooper Replot/Lot Consolidation,,
01:37:24,,Conditional Use - 120 Buckhout St,,
01:55:23,,Ad Hoc COG Bldg Committee,,
02:00:29,,Committee Reports,,
02:06:13,,Staff Reports,,
02:27:42,,Calendar Items,,