00:01:16,,Call to Order,,
00:04:32,,Routine Approvals,,
00:05:04,,Parameters Resolution for Bond Issuance,,
00:12:11,,Director of Diversity Job Description,,
00:18:04,,Mobile Phones and Chargers,,
00:21:26,,Driver Ed Rate Increase,,
00:22:50,,Bidding of Summer Projects,,
00:23:41,,Elementary Projects Change Orders,,
00:24:15,,High School Project Change Orders,,
00:26:10,,Purchase of FFE for High School,,
00:27:33,,MOU with SCASD Education Foundation,,
01:22:21,,Memorial Field Design,,
02:08:29,,Senate Bill 2,,
02:17:27,,District Goals & Priorities,,
02:26:42,,Board Committee Reports,,
02:33:04,,Other Reports,,
02:39:59,,Future Agenda Planning,,