00:01:42,,Call To Order,,
00:02:17,,Announcment of Executive Session,,
00:02:28,,Citizens Input,,
00:02:42,,Schlow Centre Region Library Report,,
00:09:05,,W. College/Shingletown Traffic Signal Report,,
00:45:30,,Climate Action Committee Report,,
00:53:30,,Stormwater Management Presentation,,
01:31:36,,Approval of Minutes,,
01:32:00,,Pub Hrg - Cond. Use App. 120 Buckhout St,,
02:04:39,,Amendments to Administrative Code,,
02:09:20,,Sourcewater Protection Overlay Dist. Ad Hoc Board Appts,,
02:24:40,,Consent Agenda,,
02:25:55,,Authorization Pub Hrg 2017 & 2018 Annual Op Budget Amendments,,
02:30:42,,Park Naming of Owens Drive Park,,
02:34:09,,COG Committee Reports,,
02:52:54,,Staff Reports,,
03:06:30,,Calendar Items,,