00:01:13,,Call to Order,,
00:01:39,,Public Comment,,
00:01:54,,Approval of Minutes,,
00:02:15,,Veterans Assistance Fund Check Presentation,,
00:10:27,,Central PA Workforce Development Corp. Presentation,,
00:22:13,,Check Run,,
00:23:15,,RACP funding for Equine Center at Grange Park,,
00:34:46,,Prothonotary Contract for Solicitor,,
00:36:04,,Contract for Fire Alarm System and Sprinkler Testing,,
00:36:55,,Temporary Janitorial Cleaning Contract,,
00:37:57,,Contract for Finance Software Maintenance,,
00:39:12,,Submission of 2017 Report of Liquid Fuels Tax Fund,,
00:40:20,,Agreement with Nittany Mall for Annual Adult Health & Lifestyle Expo,,
00:41:18,,Letter of Support for Skills of Central PA grant,,
00:42:28,,Consent Agenda,,
00:43:12,,New SpringBoard Tenant Discussion,,
00:47:44,,C-NET Bulletin Board Message for Seedling Sale,,
00:48:38,,Voter Registration Report,,
00:54:05,,Executive Session Report,,
00:54:15,,Questions from the Press