00:01:10,,Call to Order,,
00:02:26,,Boalsburg Fire Co Update,,
00:12:24,,Fair Districting Resolution,,
00:16:13,,West Penn Power Update,,
00:36:24,,Planning Module (Misty Hill Dr),,
00:38:46,,University Wine Company,,
00:44:21,,Request to Extend Water Line,,
00:48:07,,Appt. to Parks & Rec Advisory Comm,,
00:49:28,,Smith Lane Stormwater,,
00:53:30,,NPDES Permit (Kissinger Meadow),,
00:56:19,,Appt. to COG Ad Hoc Building Committee,,
00:58:14,,Dog Enforcement Services,,
00:59:17,,Destruction of Records,,
00:59:54,,Use of Fire Police,,
01:01:06,,Memorial Day Street Closings,,
01:01:25,,Manager's Report,,
01:04:34,,Committee Reports,,
01:14:54,,Other Matters,,