00:01:43,,Call to Order,,
00:02:36,,Proc: PSU Small Business Developmnt Center,,
00:10:24,,Proc: PA 4-H Week,,
00:20:09,,Check Run,,
00:20:55,,Court Admin-Grant & Reimbursement of Expenses,,
00:24:58,,Liquid Fuels App,,
00:26:01,,MH/ID &EI - Grant Submission,,
00:29:52,,Introduction of New Director,,
00:34:30,,MIS/RBA-Contract Renewal,,
00:37:56,,Planning-SEDA COG Natural Gas Coop,,
00:47:50,,Planning-CDBG Grant with Miles Twn Water Authority,,
00:50:54,,Prison-Intergovernmental Agmt,,
00:52:03,,Consent Agenda,,
00:52:20,,Local Bridge Bundle Project,,
01:04:48,,Guaranteed Energy Saving Project,,
01:36:05,,Voter Registration Report,,
01:37:51,,Exec Session Report,,
01:38:35,,Questions from the Press,,